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Stepantsiminda – the village located in the Kazbegi municipality (also known as Kazbegi), is known for its magical location in the Greater Caucasus Mountains and is arguably the most beautiful place in the whole Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. It is surrounded by enigmatic mountain ranges and is overlooked by Mount Kazbek, which is one of the highest elevations in Europe, reaching as high as 5047m. The legendary Ancient Greek Prometheus (known as Amirani in Georgian), was said to be chained up there for stealing fire from the gods. The location of his imprisonment later became the site of an Orthodox hermitage located in the cave called “Betlemi” (Bethlehem) at around the 4,000-meter level. According to legends, this cave housed many sacred relics, including Abraham’s tent and the manger of the infant Jesus.

Route to Kazbegi offers travelers unforgettable sights. Tourists can visit the historical city of Mtskheta and see the churches included in UNESCO world heritage sites list. A beautiful Ananuri fortress that combines two churches with richly decorated facades, several towers and defense walls. Located near Zhinvali reservoir, this complex is worth capturing on a camera. Village Pasanauri that offers the best local Khinkali – famous for its deliciousness and rich flavor. The Friendship Monument in Gudauri and Jvari Pass Travertine Natural Monument that covers a big part of the hill.

Here is located one of the most famous churches in Georgia and one of the most important photo sites in the country – Gergeti Trinity church. It towers the whole valley and is truly breathtaking to witness.

The Kazbegi area is full of different hiking routes as well. The most popular hiking paths are to the Gveleti Waterfalls or Gergeti Glacier, Juta, Truso Valley, etc.